Tension and relaxation! Hot and cold

Vitality sauna area for relaxation and wellbeing

Recuperate, relax, feel rejuvenated and discover a new zest for life!
The goal is to invigorate, encourage harmony and revitalise body and soul! With our sauna facilities you can forget about the problems of everyday life and feel taken care of in every way. In our 'vitality' area we provide everything that does you good - free of charge.

Tiroler Schwitzstube (Finnish Sauna)

At about 90 °C it stimulates the circulation and the body is able to rid itself of waste products through the skin.

Crystal Bio Saunarium

In this sauna you can enjoy a moderate heat of between 55/60 °C and inhale beneficial relaxing aromas. Hay flower or rose petal fragrances allow you to dream of summer meadows even in winter - very good for the circulation!

Steam Bath

Sweating it out in the steam room is a treatment that makes the skin soft, detoxifies and rejuvenates the respiratory tracts. The temperature of around 45 °C is both pleasant and invigorating!

Infra-Red Heat Cabin

Warmth and colours are used for treating a wide range of ailments: the unique combination of low-temperature infra-red technology and lava sand technology guarantees a healthy deep warmth from just 30 °C upwards - without straining the cardiovascular system.


Our healing masseuse offers a wide range of treatments - from traditional back massage to exotic techniques from the Far East. Individual consultations are important to us: make time to find out what's right for you.